The Year in London

London through the eyes of an MA student new to the city

Moments in Tate’s Members’ Rooms

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As my year in London has gone on, Tate Britain has rapidly become one of my favourite art galleries. I love walking through the Duveen Galleries and and comparing the different types of artwork produced within both similar and different points in time. The Members’ Room has also been a favourite place to be in the city; it is a calm and engaging place to reflect on the art you have just seen.

Equally, looking out from Tate Modern’s Members’ Room towards St. Paul’s Cathedral has been another highlight of this year.

View from Tate Modern's Members' Room

View from Tate Modern's Members' Room

Both places do delicious – and healthy – lunches, as well as beautifully made and presented cakes. After going to see the Matisse exhibition for the second time and sitting down to eat lunch in Tate Modern’s Members’ Room, I remember thinking that my salad looked as colourful and uplifting as Matisse’s late collages!




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