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Wool-wrapped macarons from Fortnum & Mason

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Never have I had anything so outrageously wrapped, packaged and posted as my latest birthday present from an old school friend. This is definitely one of the most exciting pieces of post I will receive all year! A huge Fortnum & Mason box arrived on my doorstep and when opening the lid in excitement, I realised there were several layers to unwrap to find out what was inside… The plump, shiny and beautiful macarons were kept cool by thick, heavy layers of wool, making the packaging four times the size of the gift.

I’ve decided that the wool can be recycled and made into felt, which I use to create handmade book covers and felt objects. See the Art page on my other blog – – for examples of my felt work.

I’d not tried macarons before, and although most of the fun was in receiving and opening the parcel, I found them absolutely delicious (especially in their professionally wool-cooled state!) The chocolate and pistachio flavours are my favourites.





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