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The Cornershop installation

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Lucy Sparrow’s The Cornershop is neatly stacked with cans of baked beans, soup, noodles, toothpaste and newspapers. It has everything you would expect to find in a normal corner shop, and yet everything is made of felt. The vegetables even have eyes and are smiling merrily at the door, greeting the constant wave of visitors. Lucy is also there – she is part of the installation – and she chats to everyone who comes in.

It has taken her 7 months to make her felt items and she continues to make them in the shop as people put their names down for their favourites.

Each item is hand sewn with detailed writing and embellishments. You can even read whole articles on the front of the newspapers.

The Cornershop is just behind Columbia Road, making it a great location. It is open throughout the whole of August and definitely worth a visit if you are in the area!




One thought on “The Cornershop installation

  1. What an amazing achievement – she must be mad!


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