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London through the eyes of an MA student new to the city

Best cafe in Bloomsbury?

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This blog has been quiet for almost a couple of months now whilst I’ve been preparing my dissertation and viva for an MA in the history of art. Recently, I’ve been thinking about where I work best and different places to go for short breaks from planning and writing. A favourite cafe of mine for meeting up with friends for coffee or lunch is Store Street Expresso Cafe. It’s near to UCL and so is a perfect place for a break from work.

The goat’s cheese and caramelised vegetable toasted sandwiches are delicious, and great with a creamy hot chocolate if you are having a particularly hectic day. Otherwise, the fresh mint tea is a more summery option and looks pretty in its clear glass cup (however, like many herbal teas, it seems quite expensive). There are also salad and tart options, as well as porridge in the winter! Everyone who works there is very friendly and cheerful, making this cafe a popular place in Bloomsbury.



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