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Reflections on The London Original Print Fair

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View of the RA Print FairBeing an editorial intern at Print Quarterly has provided many roles, tasks and adventures for me so far. One of the latest has been helping out at The London Original Print Fair that was held at the RA this April. It takes place  once a year over a long weekend and provides the opportunity for many galleries to exhibit their best print works together. I had never attended a print fair before and although I enjoyed seeing such a variety of prints in one place, the amount of work on show was overwhelming. In between representing Print Quarterly at their stand, I did get a chance to have a look round. Some of my favourite pieces are below:

Bird prints on feathers by Rebecca JewellThis square artwork by Rebecca Jewell, exhibited by Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, was one of the most original contemporary treatments of prints I discovered at the fair. Each feather had a highly detailed and different type of owl printed onto it in relatively subtle colours that matched the naturalness of the material. I liked the way that this work seemed to be turning printing into a 3D object.


Andy Warhol’s ‘Souper Dress’ caught my eye due to the bold, contrasting colours and clarity of design. The humorous title also added to its appeal.





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