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Breakfast with the Tate on Pall Mall


Tate press launch at Athenaeum Club, LondonOne of my latest London adventures has involved a trip to the Athenaeum Club on Pall Mall. As soon as I told some of my friends and family, someone immediately said, ‘that’s the most expensive piece on the Monopoly board!’ … It certainly wasn’t somewhere I would have guessed I would be going for my first ever experience of a press launch for an art exhibition.

There was a reason for the location however, and one apart from being a beautiful, impressive – and somewhat imposing – building: this was a club where Turner had been a founding member, so as the press launch was for Tate Britain’s exhibition ‘Late Turner: Painting Set Free’ (opening in September) this did seem to make sense.

The ‘breakfast launch’ began at a civilised hour, with multicoloured fruit salads, miniature pastries and croissants displayed on striking silver trays. There was time for mingling and networking before the hour long presentation by the curators, followed by questions and discussion. A wonderful opportunity to hear the Tate’s refreshing take on Turner and his final years of painting.

My follow-up article can be accessed here and in Trebuchet Magazine.

Tate Britain press pack

2 thoughts on “Breakfast with the Tate on Pall Mall

  1. Nice article and makes you want to go on and read your review.

    Well done.

    Love dad xx

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