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London through the eyes of an MA student new to the city

Food for Thought

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Food For Thought, this wonderful and yet subtle gem tucked away in Covent Garden, is without a doubt the best place to eat in the whole of London. The dishes change every day and yet always manage to concoct a surprising variety of vegetarian meals, from quiche, curries, stir-fries, to stews. The salads on offer, (there are normally at least four types), are constantly colourful and extravagantly added to any of the main dishes. P1020480

This is definitely somewhere to go when you are hungry, in need of a healthy meal, and wish to be (re)inspired by vegetarian cooking. For those that are particularly ravenous, puddings are served in the same generous-sized bowls as the main courses; you have been warned. I’m yet to try any of the puddings, but have certainly got my eye on their steaming apple crumble. Cakes, pastries and fruit salads are (slightly lighter?!) alternatives.

Food for Thought attracts a lively and friendly following. It is not somewhere you would stay for hours – being so small and popular – but it is a memorable place to relax and revive right in the centre of London.

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