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London through the eyes of an MA student new to the city

Portobello Market

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Silvery antiques suspended from stalls glinted and swayed with the heaving of the crowd, which pushed forward into melee of the market place and embraced the babbling, yet civilised bartering atmosphere of Portobello Road. Although not as carnivalesque or quirky as I was expecting, these rather linear markets stretching the entire length of Notting Hill can still keep you entertained for an entire morning.

Antiques are the main offerings of these markets, both on display at stalls spilling into the streets but also in underground lairs, most of which you have to queue for. Fashion and food are found further along towards the Westway area. It was here that I picked up some beautiful feather braiders from Vera Black’s stunning Native American stall.

I remember from years ago friends talking about their trips to Portobello Road in a way that made it THE place to visit in London. However, now I have finally been I would definitely recommend Brick Lane markets over Portobello, because although they are still popular and packed they feel less mainstream and offer more hidden passageways and surprises to explore.

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