The Year in London

London through the eyes of an MA student new to the city


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After years of anticipation and longing for a trip to one of Ottolenghi’s cafes, I finally was lucky enough to experience this acclaimed food extravaganza at the weekend. A very odd juxtaposition to the Portobello Markets nearby, Ottolenghi’s cafe in Notting Hill, (on Ledbury Rd), surpassed my  expectations in both presentation and appearance of the unusual salads and cakes as well as through the intense balance of flavours.

I can’t remember having a better lunch, or taking so long to photograph food before allowing myself to eat it. Taking photographs proved a bit tricky at times because the cafe is long and thin, which means both customers and waitresses have to shuffle up and down like crabs when choosing or serving take-away salad boxes. Though this set-up does allow for long lines of displays, and it definitely didn’t stop me from going a bit crazy with the photographing of Ottolenghi’s wonderful dishes.

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