The Year in London

London through the eyes of an MA student new to the city

The Barbican Centre: An odd but delightful mix of Shakespeare, pasta, and Pop Art

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The Barbican Centre has such a lot on offer, covering film, theatre, live music, art, cafes, restaurants, complete with a shop and library. It is a huge and quirky place, though in a fairly bizarre area.

I first went to the Barbican to see the current exhibition about Pop Art, and then went back a few weeks later for the Live screening of Stratford’s Richard II starring David Tennant, which was riveting. All in all it has been a good introduction to the Centre.

I stopped off at the canteen before the show and found it a fairly magical place because of the huge jam-jar lights, and because the vegetarian option was so delicious and creative (a rustic pasta dish, with unusual sauce, lots of veg, and garlic croutons). I also indulged in a brownie, which was a lot cheaper than the cakes that I admired from a distance (and by taking photos). It was also gluten free – so potentially the slightly healthier option!

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