The Year in London

London through the eyes of an MA student new to the city

Cafe L’Eto, Wardour Street


Quirky, casual and delicious. Cafe L’Eto made a great place for a catch up with an old friend over a colourful dish of healthy food. They offer a variety of hot and cold salads, complete with unusual centrepieces like fritatas or stuffed vegetables. The food might all be vegetarian, though I can’t quite remember! Price is done by weight and does seem quite reasonable. 

They have an overwhelming display of decorative cakes and patisserie items, which passersby constantly stop to look at (this can make for entertaining people-watching when inside the cafe). I am yet to try any of the cakes and am sure it will take awhile to decide which one to go for because they are all so creative. Although it is an exciting prospect, which I will save for a special outing, it is also daunting because the cakes are enormous.

3 thoughts on “Cafe L’Eto, Wardour Street

  1. I need one of those cakes, fabulous photos! love Mx

  2. This looks a real foodie treat. I can’t wait to try it!

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