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Van Gogh in London


Bouquet of Flowers in a Blue Vase by van Gogh 1887A miniature exhibition at Eykyn Maclean, London displays some of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings from his Paris years 1886-8. The exhibition communicates the vast amount of inspiration that van Gogh draws upon at this time, such as Japanese wood prints and Neo-Impressionism. Also striking is the transformation from his use of dark, organic tones of paint pre-1886 to the expressive colour that we now celebrate and even expect in this artist’s work. Although the exhibition is small and there are many paintings by van Gogh’s contemporaries rather than the man himself, it is refreshing just to be able to savour a handful of van Gogh’s artworks. The painting that stood out most for me was ‘Bouquet of flowers in a Blue Vase’ from 1887. The vivid blues hues are uplifting and produce an energising buzz and a great sense of joy. The other painting on display of particular note is van Gogh’s ‘A pair of shoes, one shoe upside down’ 1886.

This lovely exhibition is on until 29th November 2013 (free, but need to book online via Eykyn Maclean website).

7 thoughts on “Van Gogh in London

  1. Beautiful photograph and full of calm joy, love Mx

  2. What an amazingly vibrant and beautiful painting. Thank you for daring it with everyone.

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