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So much to do at the Southbank

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Since moving up to London just a couple of weeks ago and starting my masters course, I have been to the Southbank about five times! I really love it and keep being drawn back. The relaxed yet buzzing atmosphere makes you feel you are on holiday. There is so much to see and do, and it always feels busy (though in a good way). I can imagine it will be fun at Christmas because there are many markets lining the pavement between the Southbank Centre and Waterloo Station – I went to the Cheese and Wine market there today with a friend.

Being by the river also makes the Southbank feel special. The views are fabulous and include the London eye,  the Shard, and St Pauls Cathedral. Definitely a good place to hang out with a friend on one of the many benches, enjoy the view, markets and maybe even a production on at the National Theatre or exhibition at one of the galleries such as the Haywood.

The Southbank offers an eclectic mix of restaurants from mexican meals Wahaca, to dim sum at Ping Pong, and huge(ly) delcious pizzas at Gormet Pizza restaurant. This diverse mixture is also continued in the range of artists studios and shops in Oxo tower.

One thought on “So much to do at the Southbank

  1. Love the colourful photos!

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