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Mildreds, vegetarian restaurant in Soho

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45 lexington street, london , w1f 9an

Mildreds. The best vegetarian restaurant. Also the best restaurant in Soho, I would go as far to say.

This is such a special place – it has a fun, lively yet candle-lit atmosphere, friendly staff, casual setting and one of the most inventive food I have ever come across. It really does redefine vegetarian meals by providing such a wide variety of dishes (from curries, stir-fries, tagines, spicy salads, gourmet burgers, mezzo, pies, pastas…) with unusual combinations of ingredients.

I first went to Mildreds with my sister and granny when they came to visit me during my first week of living in London. We had explored round Oxford street, the National Portrait Gallery and Covent Gardens and were in need to a good rest and filling food. Mildreds came just at the right time – or rather, we arrived at the right time (about 6pm) before queues had even begun to form. The restaurant does not take bookings, so do get there early.

For starters, we shared homemade guacamole and corn chips. This was delicious, vibrant in both colour and taste. The freshness really caught me by surprise and this, along with the mixture of spices and tabbouleh that was sprinkled on the top of the dip, really gave a well-known, if luxurious, dip a new edge.

We each chose very different main courses, which was great to get a feel for the menu and Mildreds’ signature style. Emily, my sister had an amazingly creamy, flavoursome curry with cashew nuts and sweet potatoes. Granny had a tofu salad, which had very generous tofu chunks and a whole menagerie of vegetables filling the plate. I went for their burger of the day, which was tofu and mixed beans, because I was craving chips (otherwise, this is quite an unusual choice for me!) I was not disappointed, it was a good burger.

Due to the excitement of the main course, and not because we were hungry (as the portions are very generous), granny and I both ordered pudding. Granny went for the ‘Burnt Custard’, partly because we were wondering what it was. Although I always go for chocolately options, in future I would have to switch and go for this because it was unusual and creamy. I did do my usual and go for the chocolate brownie. Though it had an interesting twist because it also contained peanut butter, which was a very dominant taste. A very rich pudding, though absolutely divine!

… I just can’t wait for an excuse to go back again!

Mildreds also has a great blog containing recipes, foody ideas and new from their restaurant:

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